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 uDates Review: How it Will Benefit You?

uDates is a more recent dating app that lets users in the world to connect with potential romantic partners all over the world. Its basic layout and algorithm allows you to connect with people fast.

Since many people wanted to know if this is among the more popular online dating platforms or is a scam, we have chosen to protect you and explore what the fuss is all about!

If you want to find out more about the UDates dating app and whether it’s an appropriate choice for you or not, ensure you take a look at our review.


It gives you excellent details about other users, to help you determine whether you two could be a match or not; one primary thing you find out about other users is their hobbies and interests in their spare time.

There’s no requirement to immediately call someone, but you can save their dating profile in your Favorites folder, and then return later when you’re interested in chatting.

Everyone will track the last time other user was online on the platform. So there’s no need to record any logs of screenshots or notes for yourself whether the user is ignoring you or is not – all you need to do is click on the chat box and look up their last login information.

The search engine is quite good, and it allows you to pick your the traits you prefer and what interests you want in the can find more here udates from Our Articles It will filter out all those that do not fit your criteria right away – it will sort your preferences by. provides you with the capability to look at who has viewed your profile. This is something that is cool and can allow you to see who’s using dating sites and might be interested in you.

Chat features allow unlimited text messages. This will make the entire process significantly faster. If you’re a newbie do not forget to get the most out of it.


uDates is user-friendly, but the dating app they offer tends to bug a lot, so If you’ve read an user review of an app or two, you’ve likely encountered that users have issues with their chat feature.

uDates also doesn’t have as many active users, which means it’s certainly not as popular as Tinder or Bumble It’s also not a place where you can get hundreds of matches per day.

The platform isn’t very popular globally, which means that the majority of its users are located in the USA mostly in larger areas and cities that makes it an undesirable choice for those living in areas that aren’t as populated.

There is also not too many details on its success rates, so if don’t want to spend money for a monthly subscription, with no assurance that you’ll get a good match or not, then you should probably avoid uDates.

One of the problems with uDates is that you need to purchase a monthly membership, so for an online platform with millions of users around the world it’s not the ideal option for you to put your money into.


uDates is mostly dating app, and results in its user base being young, generally ranging from 20 to 30 years old.

Even though it was aimed at a bit older audience, younger people were the users who helped make it popular and this has resulted in the increase of users from this age group, which ultimately led to the dominance of the platform.

Most of the users are living in the USA and that is why it’s not a good alternative for dating for people in other countries.

But even those in the USA don’t have the best luck since the platform isn’t very active with users . The ones who are generally located in big cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago which doesn’t make it the best option to meet local people, particularly where you have a expectations you want your partner to satisfy.

Who is it for

The majority of users ask if uDates can be a hookup application The answer is definitely yes.

However, it was targeted toward an older population and its users were meant to be the ones searching for true romantic love (like eHarmony or Tinder) that can search through the database of users with easy-to-use filtering options, the fact is that the same user base didn’t sign up for the platform.

The main objective of the app was to make a profit, but it ended up being quite unsuccessful the people who made dating profiles were searching for a one-night romance, which made this app the right place for hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

It doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s not anyone in search of someone to be with; you just need to do your research to find the person you’re searching for.

UDates In Numbers can be quite opaque when it comes to its operations, which is one main reason why people consider it a scam website.

You will not be able to find any official information about its users, let alone the number of active users, that makes users suspicious and dissuades them from this site.

The platform doesn’t offer any specifics about their performance making the platform an unneeded waste of time given the fact that there’s a various options to ensure success.

The only number you can find out about uDates is the one related to their price, and that is pretty much it, which is why people are thinking of the fraud of uDate.


uDates is very user-friendly, and its app is one of the most user-friendly dating apps you will come across, primarily if you have used those with numerous options.

If you are interested in uDates, you will easily find every feature and option that you’ll require on their homepage. And if you were just signed up, then you’ll receive a comprehensive guide to show you which buttons to click and how to enable any of their features.

 uDates Review: How it Will Benefit You?

Updating your profile is also fairly simple. All you need to do is select the sections you wish to change and correct, and then you’ll be in a position to fill in new details or upload your profile pictures.

Making match requests is easy. All you need just click the profile for the person you’re a fan of then they’ll receive an email from you.

The platform is simple to use, whether you’re connecting with them through the official Google Play app or the website.

High Quality Of Dating Profiles

The quality of dating profiles on uDates is not the best and users aren’t allowed to add too much information about themselves, which means that profiles don’t provide much.

They’re simple, similar to dating profiles on a lot of social networks, however, you won’t discover more about someone until you’ve exchanged a single message or two.

If you upload your uDates dating profile in full, all you’ll be able to communicate is your birthday, names, locations, and a short description which shouldn’t be longer than 140 characters.

It’s not enough for a site that hopes to become the spot for serious dating. this isn’t enough , since there’s no information available about someone except the way they appear and it is that they’re named.

There are many dating apps that offer greater space for summary and introduction. until you’ve made contact with someone, don’t trust the information provided on their profile.

The majority of dating profiles are of poor quality, and look like Instagram bios that are delimited about the things you can publish, which is not good for dating apps.

The one thing you should be on guard for is bots or fake profiles because certain users say many of those are scammers who try to trick people to spend more time and cash on the platform.

This is perhaps the reason profiles for dating were designed like these in the first places, so be aware from any fake profiles or fraudsters.

Be aware of dating profiles who keep contacting you or checking you out because chances are that you might even receive a message from a bot.


uDates has a dating application available on the Google Play store, and this is the only place you should download it; how to download uDates is quite simple as you don’t need to grant it some additional consents.

The app, however, isn’t exactly the best and, although it’s accessible, you may encounter issues with it, such as the chat function not working every day or the phone just freezes when you try to look up your homepage, therefore it is probably the best to go with uDates on their official site.

Overall it’s a good app however there are a few problems that haven’t been resolved for a while.

Furthermore, the platform is made available for download on Apple App Store, even the fact that it was previously available.

How to Search For Matches

Searching for matches on uDates isn’t difficult and takes only a few steps.

When you sign up to the platform, shortly after making your profile complete, it will ask you to fill out a quick questionnaire in order in order to alter your search criteria.

It is here that you be able to add the various things that you would like to see in your partner to lead to the algorithm connecting you to people who fit the criteria.

It is important to be precise on this particular aspect as you’ll likely not be able alter how you want to use your time in the next.

It’s also important be able to rank your preferences from the most crucial to the least important one, so think twice about it.

Once you’ve completed this after which you will see recommended people on your homepage and you will not be able to do too much looking around because the sole individuals you’ll be able to contact are those recommended by the platform itself.

There aren’t any search bars that allow you to find new friends, therefore your ability to meet people is quite constrained.


As you can see, uDates is a pretty strange dating platform. And it is impossible to determine whether uDate is a fraud or not. I’d recommend that you avoid it.

It isn’t validated and doesn’t have many users So, even though its features and options appear cool to some It is best to stay clear of it and go with alternative options for dating.

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