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 UDates Review: How it Will benefit you?

uDates is a brand-new dating app which allows people to connect to potential matchmakers all over the world. Its basic structure and algorithm will help you to quickly meet people.

As many of you wanted to find out whether it is one of the popular online dating platforms or a scam we’ve taken the decision to keep you informed and find out what all the fuss is all about!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the UDates dating app and find out if it’s a viable option for your needs or not, make sure you go through our review.


It offers excellent details about other users, that will help you determine if the two of you might be a match or not. One primary thing you learn about other users is their hobbies and interests in their free time.

You don’t need to immediately get in touch with someone But you can save their dating profile in your Favorites folder, and then return later whenever you’re in the mood to talk.

Everyone will view the last date the other user was online on the platform, which means you won’t need any records of screen shots or take notes to check if this user is ignoring you or not All you have to do is open the chatbox to see their login information.At site udates app from Our Articles

The search filter is extremely effective and allows you to select particular traits and interests that you would like to see in the partner. It will block all persons that do not fit your criteria as soon as they appear. Additionally, you will evaluate all your preferences. is also able to find out who has visited your profile. This is an excellent feature to assist you in determining who is on dating websites and may be interested in your profile.

Chat feature provides unlimited texts. This can ensure that the whole connection process is much faster, so if you’re just beginning, make sure to use the most benefit from it.


uDates is user-friendly, however their dating app is known to malfunction frequently, which is why in the event that you’ve read an one or two reviews of the app, you have likely come across people who have issues with their chat feature.

uDates does not have a lot of people using it, so it’s certainly not as popular like Tinder or Bumble but you will not see hundreds of matches every day.

It’s also not popular across the globe, and a majority of its users reside in the USA generally in larger parts and cities of it so it’s a bad option for those living in smaller areas.

There is also not too any information on its performance rates, so if would rather not spend money for a month-long subscription without knowing if it will get a good match or not the best option is to steer clear of uDates.

One disadvantage of UDates is that you’re required to spend money on a monthly membership, so for an online platform with millions of users around the world it’s not the most ideal method to invest your money.


uDates is mostly a hookup app, which makes its audience relatively youthful, usually between 20-30 years old.

Although it was designed at a broader audience, younger people were the ones who were the ones to bring it fame and have led to the influx of young people over the age of 30, which ultimately led to the dominance of the platform.

Most of the users are from the USA and that makes it a poor alternative for people living outside of this country.

However, even those in the USA don’t have the best luck since the app has a small number of active members and the ones that do typically in large cities such as New York, Los Angeles or Chicago so it’s not the best choice for local dating , particularly in the case of a pre-determined goals you’d like the person you are dating to meet.

Who Is It For

Many people are asking whether uDates are hookup application The answer is definitely yes.

Although it was targeted at a younger audience and its users were thought to be the ones seeking real romantic love (like eHarmony or Tinder) that could browse the userbase easily with unique search filters, the truth is that this type of group didn’t register on the site.

Their main aim ended up failing and those who had created profiles for dating were mostly seeking one-night dates so this app became an ideal spot for hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

However, this doesn’t mean that there’s not anyone seeking a relationship; you just have to be patient to find the one you’re looking for.

UDates In Numbers isn’t very transparent in its services, which is the reason people believe it to be a scam site.

There is no way to locate any official information regarding the users of the platform, or even the number of active users, which can make people suspect and makes them avoid this website.

They don’t also provide any details about their record of success this makes their platform an absolute waste of time when you know there are hundreds of options that will guarantee success.

The only number you’ll learn about uDates’s number is the one related to their cost, and that is basically it. This makes people think about the scam that is uDate.

Easy Of Use

uDates is very user-friendly and its application is among the most user-friendly dating apps that you come across, primarily in the event that you’ve tried other dating apps with many different options.

When it comes to uDates, you will easily find every feature and option you may need on your homepage. If you are new to the site, you’ll receive a detailed guide to show you which button to click on and how to activate the options.

It’s pretty easy, and all you need to do is to click on the sections you wish to change and correct, and you’ll be able to update your information and upload profile photos.

Making match request is easy, and all you need to do is click on the dating profile of the person that you’d like to meet and they’ll receive a notification from you.

The platform is easy to use whether you are seeking a date through their own Google Play app or the website.

Professional Dating Profiles

The quality of the dating profiles on uDates is not the best and users aren’t permitted to provide too much information about themselves, which can result in profiles that do not offer much.

They’re fairly straightforward like dating profiles that are found on social media sites, and you won’t be able to learn the details about a person until you exchange a message or two with them.

If you upload your uDates dating profile to its fullest extent, all that you are allowed to share is your age, names, locations, and a short description which shouldn’t exceed 140 characters.

It’s not enough for a platform that is aiming to become a platform for serious relationship; this isn’t enough because there’s no information available regarding a person other that their appearance, and the name of their profile is.

Other dating apps typically provide more space to write a introduction and description. So, until you’re in contact with someone, you shouldn’t trust the things written on their profile.

In general, dating profiles are lacking in quality, and they look similar to Instagram bios , where you’re constrained in the types of things you can publish, which is a bad thing for dating apps.

The first thing to beware of is fake profiles or bots since some people claim many of them are in the process of swindling people to spend more time and cash on the platform.

This is likely the reason profiles for dating were designed like such in the first place. So ensure you are safe from fake profiles or scammers.

Take note of profiles that keep texting you or pinging you to check out their profiles because chances are that you might receive a SMS from an automated.


uDates is a dating app which is available on Google Play store, and this is the only way to download it. the process of downloading uDates is pretty easy because you won’t need to give the app an additional authorization.

The app, however, isn’t exactly the best and, although it’s easy to use, you will experience some troubles with it, for instance, the chat feature which is not always working or your phone not responding while you explore your homepage. So, it’s probably preferred method to use uDates through the official website.

Overall the app is very good however there are a few bugs that haven’t yet been solved for a long time.

Also, the platform has become available as an application on Apple App Store, even having been available for download before.

How To Find Matches

The search for matches on uDates isn’t difficult and takes only a few steps.

When you sign up to the site, within minutes of making your profile complete, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions in order to alter your search criteria.

It is here that you combine all the features and characteristics you want to see in a partner in turn leading to an algorithm that matches you with people who meet the description.

It is important to be precise when it comes to this aspect because you’ll likely not be able alter how you want to use your time in the next.

You will also need to rank your preferences from the most important down to the smallest Consider rethinking it.

Once you’ve completed this step, you will be able to see recommended people on your homepage, and you won’t need to do extensive research because the only people that you are able to reach out to are the ones that are suggested by the platform itself.

There aren’t search engines to find new people, thus the number of people you can meet is rather constrained.


As you can see, uDates is a pretty scammy dating site, and it is impossible to determine whether uDate is a fraud or not. But I do recommend you stay clear of it.

The platform isn’t certified and doesn’t have too many users So, even though its features and options may seem amazing to you It is best to be wary of it and choose another dating option.

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