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Yoga and Dance? The twain meet in Reela Hota’s Odissi recital whose theme is self-liberation.The aim of Yoga is self realization. In scientific terms, it is the highest stage of evolution. In esoteric terms, it is God realization and philosophy calls it self-realization. Various Yogas that are different spiritual paths, ultimately end in that state.

Based on this theory , Reela Hota Odissi Dance on Yoga , a dance paying obeisance to the creator of Yoga, Lord Shiva. The dnace goes on to describe the vaeious paths of yoga, mantra, bhakti, hatha and gyan. The dance end with Moshya describing the joy and ecstasy that a person feels through the practice of different yogas.


Since the dawn of creation, the tantrics and yogis have realized that in this physical body there is a potential force. It is not psychological,
philosophical or transcendental; it is a dynamic potential force in the material body, and it is called kundalini. Swami Satyananda Saraswati has said that this Kundalini is the greatestdiscovery of Tantra and Yoga. This Kundalini shakti is a source of great peace and bliss and the awakening of this potential force is the goal of every individual. Based on this ancient practice, Reela Hota presents Vishwasya Beejam-Kundalini.


Reela Hota: Classical Dance, Odissi Renuka Aiyer & Vipanchee: Indian Classical Dance, Bharatnatyam Swati Sinha: Indian Classical Dance, Kathak Kumuntham Narmada: Indian Classical Dance, Manipuri


Maestro: Rajan Mishra & Gundecha Bandhu


Dance: Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra


Length: 1 hr

Variations: 30 mins | 45 mins

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